Patrol Services

Patrol Services


Patrol Services of Orlando :- strives to deliver the best possible service while fulfilling the obligations of ethical business and security practices. Customer satisfaction is Patrol Services International’s top priority.

Patrol Services of Orlando :- hires only the best professionally trained officers that have police and/or military backgrounds. Furthermore, only the best technology and vehicles are utilized. In fact, we use the same standards that are instilled by the law enforcement community. This service level is unparalleled to other service providers in the market.

Patrol Services of Orlando :- offers a wide range of protective security services. All of our offered services can be designed and customized to meet your specific needs. Below is a representative sample of our services:

Housing Associations :- enforcing CC&R’s, providing weekly compliance reports, and speeding enforcement.

Airport Security :- experienced in all aspects of TSA and FAA security requirements.

Park Patrol :- currently providing armed patrol services for both State Parks as well as City Parks.

College Security Services :- over half a decade of serving both Community Colleges and State Colleges.

Special Events :- no matter what the event, we can handle your needs.