In order to obtain the unarmed security guard license the requirements of Florida State Statutes section 493 (ss. 439.6201 through 493.6203) must be met. These include:

* The person must be at least 18 years of age.
* They must have no disqualifying criminal history
* Provide a full set of fingerprints
* They must be legal to work in the United States.
* Sign a personal inquiry waiver to allow the department to conduct necessary background checks. These are some additional requirements in the statutes section 493, which need to be satisfied when applying for the unarmed and armed security guard licenses. When the unarmed security guard license qualifications have been fully met the Florida Class D Security license may be applied for and the process will include finger printing, a security officer photo ID and notarization of the State of Florida license application.

When submitting the application for the unarmed security guard license information that will need to be provided in order to have the application approved and processed will be:

* The name and address of the school or training facility
* The physical address where training has taken place
* Copies of the training curriculum
* Copies of the final examination
* The school and instructors must use approved criteria for training for unarmed security guard license
* A social security number must be provided

These are the several steps in the process that are needed in order to obtain the State of Florida unarmed security guard license to gain employment throughout the state.

The courses that are required will have the curriculum to provide training for most types of situations the unarmed security guard will find himself or herself, faced with in the field.

This training will prepare the person not only to deal with criminal and emergency situations, but also to handle day-to-day situations and paperwork.

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