Florida Basic Security Officer Course Full 40 Hour Class

As amended in January of 2012 The State of Florida now requires a total of 40-hours of instruction for Class "D" license training. At Delta Security and Protective Services, we offer the 40-hours of Class "D" training over a 5-day period in the classroom. The program runs Monday through Friday every week and includes all required by the State of Florida for initial license applicants. In addition to in-class instruction, every student is walked step by step, through the State of Florida application process this is to endure the license application is filled out properly. Upon successful completion the final exam, the student will be given proof of completion. This is used to provide to the State when they apply for the Class "D" license. Florida Basic Security Officer Course

Class D (40-Hour Program)

Students can complete their class in 40 hours in five consecutive days. Students may also choose to start class on any day, with the understanding that they will have to complete the program the following week in order to obtain the required 40 hours. Reservation of a seat is necessary, so please contact us.

Included topics as mandated by the State of Florida

* Florida State Statutes Section 493
* Legal Liabilities
* Basic First Aid
* Fire Suppression and safety
* Emergency Procedures
* Accident and Crime Prevention
* Tactical Communication
* Terrorism Awareness and observation
* Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct
* Patrol and Response Techniques
* Observation Techniques & Report Writing
* Interview and additional topics as required by the State of Florida